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Old Time Stunt, Classic Stunt, Nostalgia 30 Stunt, Super 70s Stunt, and Ringmaster Stunt Rules

Updated: Tuesday February 9th, 2016

The rules for Old Time Stunt (both AMA and PAMPA),Classic Stunt, Nostalgia 30 Stunt, Super 70s Stunt, and Ringmaster Stunt can be printed and saved from this page to you computer. You will need both the AMA and PAMPA rules for Old Time stunt. The two together fully describe the OTS rules. The pattern flown for Classic Stunt, Nostalgia 30 Stunt, and Super 70s Stunt are the same as the current AMA pattern. Ringmaster Stunt and OTS pattern as described in the AMA OTS Rules is used for both. The PAMPA rules for OTS are now three pages and the Classic, Nostalgia rules, Super 70s are two pages. The AMA OTS rules are Six (6) pages.

The file format is 'PDF' so you will need the Adobe Reader (free from Adobe if you need it) 5.0 or greater in order to view/print/copy the three files found on this page. If you need the Adobe Reader it is easy to download from the Adobe web site: These are the most current rules.

Please read them carefully. There is a lot of information contained in all three documents.

The Procedure for VSC Plane Validation is also made available for down loading. Given that we get questions about airplanes that could or might qualify as legal for Vintage Stunt Competition here in Tucson, a procedure has been written and is made availabe. We encourage all who have airplanes that they think would or could qualify to submit documentation as perscribed and spelled out in the Validating Procedure.

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PAMPA Classic Rules

PAMPA Nostalgia 30 Rules

CCMAC Super 70s Rules

CCMAC Ringmaster Stunt Rules

Procedure for VSC Plane Validation